CHENNAI METRO | The New Identity for Urban.

A modern, trending and approachable medium. As porches to cities, daily channels for thousands of people, stations are the city’s becoming nerve centre. They reach larger networked audience, one which is highly valued by advertisers. Our association with metro rail, provides extensive branding for businesses on their products. Rail has different phases of product display, Interior and Exterior; it is an emerging medium to promote the products.

On average commuters spend 20 minutes in the train, which provides greater opportunity to consider, attend to and captivate products / services which ensures greater retention, memory and motivation to buy / use.


  • High-capacity carriers which helps to brand the products to very high population of peak hour.
  • Since it is eco-friendly, all classes of people are started using this transportation to escape from air & sound pollution.
  • It consumes low energy – 20% per passenger km in comparison to road-based systems.
  • Working people mainly choose this transportation to road traffic.
  • People are preferring it as reduces journey time by 50% to 75%.