Theatre on screen advertisement

What Is On-Screen Advertising?

On-Screen (Cinema) advertising shouldn’t be confused with movie trailers / promos – the “coming attractions” that immediately head the main feature. Movie ads come before the trailers, and they have been a presence in theatre screens since the first one opened in 1902.

Stagnant or digital commercials that appear either before the movie previews or intermission block. Very effective way of hitting a large percentage of the 18 to 49 educated demographics, and a great way to reach a captive audience.

Advantages of On-Screen Advertising:

  1. It delivers your communication to a confined audience.
  2. On-screen AD can use full sight, surrounding sound and gesticulation to increase ad recall.
  3. Products image is often enhanced by the association with the movies on the big screen in full & Real colour.
  4. Ads are positioned close to point-of-purchase as cinemas are located near or in suburban shopping malls and high-profile retail areas.
  5. Campaigns can be targeted by a specific demographic profile based according to the geographic location of the cinemas.
  6. Cinema Ads plays in a wall-to-wall & ceiling-to-floor screen.
  7. Pitch darkness enable audience to watch the Ads unlike other medium like Ratio, TV, et.,
  8. Cinema advertising creates the intensified emotional reaction of viewing a Ads with a group which creates a chance to discuss about the product in each other.
  9. Cinema advertising may raid you as so “out of the box,” so different from other, more predictable advertising methods, that you may be curious to create an advertisement that is equally outside of the standard.

Duration of ad would be 15, 30 or 60 seconds. The number of theaters / screens the ad will appear in which is advantages of communicating to larger crowd.

Ad Film:

We have creative crew who think out of the box to create AD films. We do not stick with regular formula as it may resemble some of the other products. We use modern technology to produce quality product. Our strength is exceeding client’s expectation rather than comprising quality for targeted budget.

Animated Slides:

There are only few firms creates slides with animation; we are best amongst them. Our strategy of making slides is not just branding the product, instead create an enthusiasm in audience to use / buy products / services. Our team does not expect client’s input rather, we brainstorm ourselves and find out the best way to reach out to the appropriate audience.

Static Slide:

Of course, it is traditional style of branding methodology; however, we do not just stop having product elements in it. Instead, we create slide in such a way to reach to all type of audience. Our creatives explain what the product all about, not just keeping brand name and others etc.,